“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” - Albert Einstein

To find yourself standing on miracle ground first you must believe in miracles. Belief is a critical element to the unfolding of more miracles in our lives. We place emphasis on the growing  in years but we forget that we must grow in the development of our hearts. Life is a miracle. Everyday you are given life, this alone is a profound miracle. Miracles are born in love and created by it. To find a miracle in your day the clouds don’t have to part with angelic rays streaming down towards your face, even though that would be a cool way to receive a miracle. Miracles are surrounding us in grace and in perfect ways.


Miracles are HERE, NOW and always unfolding.

A miracle is an unexpected and evident demonstration of God’s love for you. I encourage you to confidently take God into the all of your affairs. This is where I believe we see miracles multiply. Any and all circumstances of your life can miraculously change for the better over night. If you are praying and asking for something within your heart. Just know that God is desperately seeking you in that same manner. It is only a matter of time before it is delivered in the form that is perfect for you. And in that time of waiting for the delivery only you have the power to choose to see what transpires is a miracle or not.  Whatever miracle you are requesting, see equal value in giving the very thing you are asking for. It might mean bringing a that miracle to another’s day or it might mean a deep act of self love so that you are more open to give to others in your life. This action opens the door of the heart and makes the path clear for delivery route for God and might reveal in an unexpected way how God might already be providing the miracle you’ve asked for to you.

It is important to acknowledge the miracles you have already received.

Give thanks without ceasing for these. This is a very deep and profound way that let’s God know you are already in deep appreciation for all the blessings you have been given. The effect of this is it opens you up to receive more from him.

Miracles need acknowledgement that is what makes them multiply and deepen in the experience of your life.

The miracle of your goodness is perfect and permanent, see with the eyes that God sees and miracles will not escape your gaze.

Keeping a miracle journal is a great way to record and acknowledge the grand and small unexpected gifts of life that come your way. You are a miracle. Never loose sight of this and begin to marvel at the simple wonder of life itself and the limitless freedom our father has given to you.

Continue to seek the miraculous and it will seek you.

Open your heart to demonstrate the “up” side of life by focusing on miracle hunting. We are in times where the simple demonstrations of faith in action can lead to profound changes in our world. It all starts with you and your heart. What are you willing to change in your days? What is your level of teachability with God? Pray, allow and humble yourself to the divine selection of your life’s unfolding in this very minute. Everyday, and every minute of life is precious.  When I look for God’s leading and the good of my days I find myself standing clearly on miracle ground. We are a generation that is empowered with great choice. You choose what eyes to see with.  In the heart of man there is a cry for supply and in the heart of God there is the answer to that cry.