Wonder according to webster: “a cause for surprise, astonishing, a miracle, a marvel.

Look with wonder at all that is before you. There are miracles waiting in the wings. I had a wise yoga teacher tell me ” Live in the Mystery.” The timing of his message was in the middle of a challenging balance pose where I was sure I was about to topple over at any given moment.  Mystery. Wonder. Joy. These simple things in life can elude us should we never take notice of where they show up in our days. We simply must love the questions of life as much as we love the answers. This is where the wonder unfolds. I believe, that in order to find the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth we must redirect our gaze and soften our hearts, find willingness, ask questions, send up prayer and be as open as a child to what life might look like at any given moment. This is where the “good stuff” and wonder lives. I know the idea of this seems so light and fluffy and whimsical. The task of seeing with new eyes with wonder before you is no easy task. It’s an act of faith that life unfolds in mystery and positive expectancy for that which is good. Life is a gift. Children understand this. As we become adults why is it so easy to forget the very simple things in life, like wonder and joy. So everyday can become an act of preparation and expectancy for your good. The more we seek to find the wonder and gratitude the more it will fill our lives.


It’s really pretty simple. Life is really pretty simple. Strip away the complexity and become more childlike in expression. I don’t mean throw a temper tantrum. With the drama of our days that might be the easier thing to do. Take a little time each day to be grateful, acknowledge what amazes you, what powerful things God is unfolding in your life. What questions are you asking? In the challenge of your day, look for the good. Ask yourself, “Where am I growing from this experience?.”  Each day is a gift, it’s new from the moment you wake up each morning. Celebrate just that alone. Gather friends and support each other in looking for the wonderous in life, talk about  your experiences, share and create community around this. Miracles are sure to follow.

It’s far to easy to give our attention away to the drama’s of life, what would happen if we lived a bit more in the mystery, the astonishment, the miracle and wonderment of life? What would our days look like then? I welcome you to find out.