I would like to propose that easy breezy is not just for the Covergirls of the world. Easy does it is for all of us.

It really is a simple concept to live life with ease, why is it so hard to do this very thing? It’s way too easy to try difficult in a world that thrives on, and focuses on, the difficulties and struggles of life. I believe we have to train our minds and hearts to invite easy into our days. There is a unique and divine order to our days. Every morning we get the invitation to live in accordance with God’s divine will. It’s kind of like waking up and choosing to be on the amazing treasure hunt for your day. The hard part for most of us to understand is that in following your joy and the ease of the day, it might not look like what your current “to do” list holds. Letting go of all the ways we micro- mange our days is a work in of itself.

There is a natural flow to life, that happens when we allow God to carry us vs. us trying and struggling to carry the burden of our days.

This is a very different way to live, and it might feel a bit like going against the grain of the way the rest of world and society thinks. I speak only from a place of personal wisdom and discovery. I have found that when I follow the flow of my days with ease and joy, things just naturally fall into place. God knows exactly how to fill my days and what I should be really focused on. In this simple practice, I actually experience more productivity and feelings of true freedom and peace.

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Struggle = resistance. Ease and letting go = Alignment with God

God is truly a better manager than I ever will be of my days. I find that when I center and focus on the happiness of my heart and start my days with gratitude of all my blessings, the orchestration of my day is far greater than I could have ever planned. Center on your purpose and align with something far greater than yourself each day, and then allow the answers,timing and schedule to unfold with ease. The right people will come, synchronicity will happen, situations ease up, money comes (or whatever your prayers are holding), and a happy heart is the result of your efforts.

Please understand that I’m not negating that we won’t go through difficulties in life or will continually be presented with challenges and painful situations.

This is how God grows us. I believe in those situations we get to choose, struggle or ease. The key to the “ease” is letting go and reminding ourselves that it’s that easy to turn our struggles over to God, the letting go for some may the hardest thing to do; but a worthy cause.


Think of a simple prayer or situation that you were really stressing over. Think of how it resolved or was answered. Was the delivery of the answer or prayer up to you? More than likely it was a surprise or orchestration that happened beyond your control. And in that moment that the answer was revealed, a lot of times it all seemed so simple. I propose that it was through the allowance of inwardly turning it over to God that you received the answers to your heart. The struggle can come when you internally doubt or don’t believe you’ll receive your answer. Recalling and acknowledging God in the actual times where everything did unfold with ease is what will bring the increase in your life.

Talk about it, share with others that support you in this belief and highlight the good of your days. The more you acknowledge the ease and good, the more God gives. In the acknowledgment, you are heard and in some ways asking for more of that very thing. So cultivate the treasure hunt of life and ask yourself “where can I find the ease in this?” A simple question, yes. I believe the fun part is that you will receive the answer in miraculous and inspiring ways.

Easy breezy, is BEAUTIFUL.

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